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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Quiz: Practices That Protect You As A Notary

While you as a Notary are responsible for following your state’s laws, it’s also important that you take steps to protect yourself against liability risks that often aren't detailed in the law. Take our quiz to find our whether your day-to-day practices help keep you protected.
1.When not in use, your Notary seal should be:
A. Stored in a locked, secured area under the Notary’s control
B. Entrusted to the Notary’s employer or supervisor
C. Given to another Notary to safeguard
D. Kept in an open area where it can be reached easily
2. Keeping records of your notarial acts in your journal:
A. Is an invasion of the signer’s privacy
B. Should not be done unless your state requires it
C. Can help protect you from lawsuits, even if not mandatory
D. Isn’t needed unless you notarize loan documents
3. Requesting a signer to leave a thumbprint in your journalentry to prove personal appearance:
A. Is required by law in some states
B. Clearly identifies who appeared before you if the notarization is questioned
C. Can deter document fraud
D. All of the above
4. I shouldn’t ask for ID from a signer I don’t know if my boss tells me not to.

5. An incomplete document should not be notarized.
Click here for the answers.

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