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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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We are a Bilingual & Mobile Notary Public Service Company. Proudly Servicing the South Florida Region.
Bilingual Notary Services in Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach Counties. We bring our services to your home, school, place of business, hospital, court and more.
Awards & Memberships
The National Notary Association &
The American Society of Notaries
Background Screening
The National Notary Association
E&O Insurance
The National Notary Association
Hours of Operation
Holidays, Weekdays & Weekends 24/7
24 Hrs Emergency Notary Service
            954-999-5018                   407-489-7807      
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  •  Main Website,
  •  Hours: 24/7 Late night calls for Emergencies only.
  • Payment: cash, credit cards (pay online), cashier checks,money orders, travelers checks and paypal.
  • We also service the Boca Raton area.
  •  Answers: Novice (16 points)
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Have the wedding of your dreams! We will officiate you wedding at any of Florida ... More

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Merchant RatingsGreat

Thanks for all your help!
January 03, 2012 by Anonymous
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Thanks for making my day an easy one!
December 27, 2011 by Anonymous

Merchant RatingsYOU ROCK

Best of the best!
December 27, 2011 by Anonymous

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Who are we?

Notary @ Your Door is an small company that dedicates itself to meet and exceed clients expectations in regards to what a notarization process and wedding should be. We take pride in our work and expect to exceed our clients expectations by being knowledgeable, courteous, responsible and sensible to our ... more
0 commentsBlog posted 11:28 AM January 09, 2012 by NOTARY @ YOUR DOOR

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"Notary at Your Door, Making Life Simple" Home Edit About Bilingual Mobile Notary Public&Wedding Officiant Services 131 like this 7 talking about this 25 were here See All Likes BR Graphic Designs Eau Spa Notary @ Your Door, Making Life Simple Two Men and A Truck/Hollywood-Ft Lauderdale, ... more
0 commentsBlog posted 07:46 AM January 02, 2012 by NOTARY @ YOUR DOOR

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How Can You Be Sure a Notarization Will Hold Up?

"Notaries have rules and regulations they must follow in order to complete notarization the right way. Make sure you higher a savvy notary who is also insured in case you need to go against them in a court of law. Also, please understand notaries are not lawyers and cannot tell you if the document you are signing has any legality. Notaries cannot explain documents to you as they are not lawyers and are not authorized by the government to do so. If the document you are notarizing can have legal repercussions and your are not sure what the procedure is please contact a Lawyer."

Should one copy a document after it has be notarized?

"You may make copies, but remember many agencies request the original paperwork. However, you may keep the copy for your records. Please remember it is imperative to keep client documents securely filled."

What Kinds Of Notary Requests Are Made?

"Affidavits (there are many types), power of attorneys are the documents I have seen the most. The strangest one I have seen is a school trip application."

Can a notary public that works in a business notarize documents for the company?

"The Florida Law stipulates that the Notary should not receive any benefits or be attached in any way with the document he or she is notarizing. Please contact the National Notary Association or Tallahassee in this regard and they should be able to answer this properly. Make sure you let them know the content of the paper you are notarizing."

How Does One Go About Filing a Complaint Against a Notary?

"Check with your State Government Notary Office."
Answers Profile: Novice | 16

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