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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Quiz: Avoiding Liability In The Workplace

Quiz: Avoiding Liability In The Workplace

It’s imperative for Notaries to avoid mistakes or statutory violations that could lead to a lawsuit, which is why education and adherence to the law and sound notarial practices is important. Take our quiz and test your knowledge of practices that keep you out of costly legal battles.
1. Who is responsible for keeping a Notary’s tools secure to prevent unauthorized use?
A. The Notary’s manager
B. The Notary
C. The Notary’s employer, if the employer paid for the Notary’s commission and tools
D. No one
2. Who has authority to use a Notary’s seal in the workplace?
A. The Notary
B. Any currently commissioned Notary in the same county
C. The Notary’s manager, if the Notary gave permission
D. Both A & B
3. An employer may ask a Notary to waive identification requirements for a signer if:
A. The signer is a client of the employer
B. The employer personally knows the signer
C. The signer is in a hurry
D. None of the above
True Or False
4. A Notary can’t be held liable for improper acts if directly ordered by a supervisor.
5. A written workplace policy requiring best practices to be followed during notarizations can help an office avoid lawsuits.
Click here for answers.

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