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Tuesday, November 08, 2011


NNA Membership

The Support You Need When Fulfilling Your Important Responsibilities of Public Office
As a Notary and officer of the state, you play a crucial role in law, commerce and everyday life. And today, more than ever, the importance of understanding standards of professional practice, complying with state laws and regulations and protecting yourself, your signers and your employer from risk and liability has never been greater.
NNA membership is the single most important action a Notary can take when assuming the important responsibilities of the office and performing official notarial acts.
The Core Values of Membership
Notaries are Public Officials commissioned by the state and bound by laws that hold them accountable for properly identifying signers, taking acknowledgments, administering oaths and maintaining records in the performance of their notarial acts. The Notary’s official commission and all attendant responsibilities belong exclusively to the Notary… and no one else, including the Notary's employer.
Receive timely notice of new laws, rules and other information necessary to ensure that you provide sound notarial services and avoid civil, criminal, and administrative penalties.
Gain knowledge and skills to reduce your liability exposure and protect yourself, your signers, and your employer from charges of misconduct, negligence and other costly claims resulting from errors or improper notarizations.
Access programs and receive guidance to help prevent fraudulent transactions, reduce identity crimes, and avoid civil and criminal lawsuits caused by an improper notarization.
Attend training and educational programs inspired by the a NNA's Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility. TheCode serves as the most respected and rigorous Notary standard in the United States for maintaining trust and demonstrating professionalism, best practices and high ethical principles.
Access exclusive information and proprietary certification programs, such as the Trusted NotaryTM, Notary Signing Agent, and the Trusted Enrollment AgentTM credentials that will make you a highly respected and sought Notary professional. The NNA certifications are recognized and specifically sought by businesses, governmental agencies, and other organizations that require high levels of training and qualification for secure documentary transactions.

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