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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Immigration Consultant Bond

If you are going to practice as an immigration consultant in the state of California, please be aware of tendencies to slip into the unauthorized practice of law. California immigration consultants can provide certain non-legal administrative services to the immigration community, but are strictly forbidden from giving legal advice.
To learn more about what an immigration consultant can and cannot do, visit the California Department of Justice website.
California immigration consultants must register with the Secretary of State by completing this pdf.
Retail Value $1980.80
Choose a language:
The NNA makes it easy for you to comply. Our Complete Immigration Consultant's Package includes all items required by California state law.
Package components available separately.
Call             1-800-876-6827       for pricing and order information.
Get Started on Becoming a California
Immigration Consultant Now!
A California Immigration Consultant may:
  1. Provide nonlegal assistance on immigration matters including:
    • Completing forms provided by a federal or state agency only when answers are dictated by the immigrant applicant
    • Translating a person's answers to questions posed in USCIS forms
    • Making copies of supporting documents (e.g. birth certificates)
    • Submitting completed forms on someone's behalf to the USCIS if specifically requested to do so
    • Provide referrals to persons who could undertake legal representation activities for someone in an immigration matter
A California immigration consultant may not:
  1. Give any type of legal advice
  2. Make claims promising or implying a special influence with the immigration process or Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
  3. Advertise as a Notario Publico or other foreign-language translation of “Notary Public.” Also, you may not literally translate “licensed,” “lawyer,” or “attorney” to imply that you are an attorney.
  4. Assist in the selection of forms or advise as to answers
  5. Make false or misleading statements to a client while providing services to the client
  6. Apply fees higher than nominal, fair market prices for your administrative services
  7. Charge a client or referral fee to another for services that you, as an immigration consultant, cannot provide to the client
Strict laws govern California's Immigration Consultants and violators can be fined up to $100,000. They may even be sent to jail for up to a year. California law requires Immigration Consultants to:
  • Obtain a $50,000 bond and file this with the Secretary of State
  • Provide a state-prescribed service contract in English and your client's language
  • Display two state-prescribed signs in English and your client's language
  • Imprint mandated disclosure information on all important documents

Your Complete California Immigration Package Includes:

$50,000 Two-Year Immigration Consultant Bond

Required By Law.
  • Subject to Underwriter Approval.
  • Underwritten by Merchants Bonding Co.

Service Contract

Required by State Law.
This convenient pre-printed Service Contract form is written in both English and a second language.* Wording is in strict compliance with California law. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.
  • 8-1/2"x14" Pad of 100

Professional-Referral Desk Sign

Required by State Law.
 This desktop plaque provides notice to your clients that you are prohibited from charging a fee for a referral to an attorney or other professional.
  • Printed in English and a second language.*
  • 8"x4" available in Beige(B)
  • Contact Customer Service at            1-800-876-6827       for other color options.

Immigration Consultant Bond-Compliance Sign

Required by State Law.
This custom-made sign complies with all of the California law requirements.
State-mandated information provided on this sign are: your name, address, bond number and bond issuer, and a statement to inform your clients that you are not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.
  • Printed in English and a second language.*
  • Durable impact-resistant white plastic with blue vinyl, one-inch lettering.
  • 13"x20"

Disclosure Information Stamp

Required by State Law.
Many of the important documents you process must contain the information provided on this stamp. Replace messy stamp pads with this durable, convenient, pre-inked stamp.
Your custom made stamp provides your name, address, phone number, bond number and bond issuer.
  • Impression size: 3"x1-1/2" Black Ink

National Notary Association and Immigration Section Memberships

BONUS! One year memberships in both the National Notary Association and the NNA's Immigration Section are included in the Complete Package. Stay current with all of the changing immigration policies within the U.S. and California. You'll receive ongoing, timely information to keep you at the top of your game and ensure that you fully comply with the law.
Choose from: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish or Vietnamese.
California Bonds and E&O Polcies underwritten by Merchants Bonding Co. (Mutual), Des Moines, Iowa. Agent for all Bonds and E&O Policies is NNA Insurance Services, Inc. All rates subject to change without notice. Immigration Consultant Bonds are subject to underwriter approval.

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