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Monday, November 14, 2011


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Bring today's technology to tomorrow's leaders

Imagine Charter School at Weston, Weston, FL

Program Detail:
Imagine Weston is an elementary charter school. We have close to 900 students, 70% of whom are of Hispanic descent. In addition to the standard classrooms, we also have a bi-literate program of two classes per grade level in which the students are taught in both English and Spanish in order to foster full literacy in both languages. As a charter school, we receive only a portion of the funding made available to a public school. Technology has been a struggle to obtain with our funding challenges. Academically our students are excelling, but they lack the opportunity to be fully exposed to the technology of today. We are lacking projectors, document cameras, and other technology for presenting the richness of curriculum options now available to teachers. Additionally the students have only limited access to computers for their own use and exploration. It has become a top priority to improve the technology in our school to provide our students with the 21st century skills they will need.
How this Grant will Help:
This grant would allow us to obtain document cameras and projectors for all of our classrooms. These tools would provide teachers with the ability to use the full capabilities of the Internet to present lessons. The ability to share a piece of student writing on a document camera or to use a streaming video to bring a social studies lesson alive is common in many traditional pubic schools and should be available in our school as well. Once those presentation technology needs are met, any remaining funds would be used to increase the numbers of student computers to ensure sufficient access in all classrooms. Our students will be instructed and provided experience in the global world of the internet regularly rather than as an occasional opportunity.

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