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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Notary Name and Signature Rule

October 15, 2008

The Secretary of State has issued a new Oregon Administrative Rule, effective October 15, 2008 OAR 160-100-0020 Name of Notary Public and OAR 160-100-0030 Signature of Notary Public. This rule addresses the requirements for the notary’s commission name, which is the name that will appear on the official notary seal and official notary seal embosser.
The notary will be required to list his or her legal name, which is the person’s first name, middle name, and last name, without use of nicknames. It should be your name as it appears on your official identification. Titles or honorifics, such as Mr., Mrs., Rev., or Dr., among others, should not be used unless it is actually part of yourlegal name. Corporate designations, such as P.C. or L.L.C., are not allowed. A corporation cannot be a notary; only an individual can be a notary public.
Beginning October 15, 2008, the rule on the name and signature of the Notary Public has changed. OAR 160-100-0020 and OAR 160-100-0030.
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If you have a current, active commission, you must continue using:
     • The name that is on your current seal
     • Your 'official' signature (the signature this office has on file)
UNLESS or UNTIL, you file a Commission Name Change, or re-apply for a new notary commission.

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