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Saturday, September 10, 2011


How to Get Free Notary Service

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Get Free Notary Service
From time to time we all have documents that need to be notarized and sometimes we search all over for one .Many of us do not have friends that a notaries , so we will have to pay the fees that varies from 2-3 dollars every time. But it is quite possible to get this service for free from your local bank or public library.Below will tell you how.


Things You'll Need

  • Bank
  • Legal Picture Identification.
  • Your bank card for that bank.
  • Library card.
    • 1
      Visit your local bank with the document that have to be notarized and inquire if they have a notary that is present .
    • 2
      If a notary is present they will ask to see your picture identification and your bank credit or debit card.Once you show them all necessary identifications and all is valid you will get your document notarized.
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      Now if the bank you do your banking with do not have a notary present or do not offer this service you can still get your document notarized for free. If you have a credit card from Chase,Citi Bank ,Capital One HSBC or any other bank and there is a local branch in your area you will be able to get your document notarized here also .The bank I do my personal banking with do not have a notary, so I use my local Chase branch along with my Chase credit card to get all my documents notarized .Although I do not do my primarily banking with Chase it works all the time.
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      Also worth noting is that some local public libraries do offer free notary service so check it out.
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Tips & Warnings

  • All Identification must be valid.
  • Photo Credit ;

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