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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Notaries, We love what we do!!

Winning Entries, 2009 "Why I'm Proud to be a Notary Public" Essay Contest

In this 35th year following the creation of Notary Public Day, American Society of Notaries (ASN) and Notary Public Underwriters (NPU) “Celebrate Notaries!” through co-sponsorship of the 2009 Notary Public Day Essay Contest, “Why I’m Proud to be a Notary Public.”
All essay submissions were excellent!  Below are the winning contestants and their essays, as well as "Excellent Excerpts" from other essays.  To review Contest Call for Entries and Guidelines please CLICK HERE.

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Grand Prize Winner:Myrna B. SeifFlorida
Reflections in a mirror while pondering that statement has raised my awareness of my vital role as a Notary Public, which has brought:

Happiness to those homebuyers;
Joy to the parent traveling internationally with children;
Success to the purchaser of that new business;
Achievement to the signer and credible witness of that affidavit;
Closure for the testators and witnesses of that Last Will and Testament;
Delight in performing the wedding ceremony for a loving couple;
Relief to parents executing their children's school and camp forms;
Finalization for the business executive who must file corporate documents;
Satisfaction for the parental signers of that apartment lease for their university student;

I hope to continue taking pride in this signficant contribution and experience. Meeting so many diverse individuals and deriving great satisfaction in performing notarial services are enhanced by the assistance and educational guidance of ASN. Thank you for helping me to be proud to be a Notary Public.

Runner Up:
Kathy Hageman

I am proud to be a Notary Public!  Proud to travel to different homes and offices to meet with people of various backgrounds, careers, cultures, and personalities. It is quite the adventure getting to know each individual, and it is an honor to be a small but vital part of those major decisions that need to be made at one point or another in life.

I realize that those I serve may be somewhat hesitant about something as large as purchasing a new home or perhaps signing a power of attorney for a loved one to care for them. I feel very proud to be a part of that moment in their life and to offer my assistance with a smile and a warm, understanding attitude, which can make all the difference in the world. 

Five years ago, as I began this journey into Notary Public life, I learned about the letter of the Law. The difference between an acknowledgment and a jurat, the importance of proper identification, how to sign a witness and so on. What I did not know then, that has been such a wonderful revelation, was the satisfaction I would feel every single time I take that knowledge and use it to help others be more fruitful in life. Yes, I am very proud to be a Notary Public!

Honorable Mention:Roger Rill

The office of Notary Public dates back over two thousand years to Ancient Rome. Throughout history, it has always been regarded as a title of honor, being held to a high standard of integrity, and demanding strict adherence to the law.

Today’s notary requires knowledge far exceeding the simple “seal and sign” duty of olden times. Daily, we may be involved with a broad spectrum of diverse business, government, and personal document situations, including the relatively recent advent of electronic notarization.

While the times and documents may have changed, the original, essential mission of the notary remains the same: to deter fraud by ensuring all elements of a proper notarization are satisfied, per our specific state laws and best practice standards. We must also remain vigilant toward newer and more sophisticated challenges to the notary role, such as identity theft, mortgage fraud, and technology-borne threats.

A notary commission is an encompassing responsibility, not to be taken lightly. As guardians of the public trust, we stand as the primary line of defense for the citizens we serve. We take an oath, to uphold the pillars of integrity and service passed down to us by our forebears in honored legacy through the ages.

The public has the right to expect accuracy, professionalism, and legal compliance when requesting notary service. I am proud to perform my duties in the long, revered tradition of this ancient and honorable office, and know that in doing so, those I serve are a little more secure.
Holding this important office means being a servant of the public, and commissioned officer ‘in the name of the people of the State of Florida.’
This is why I can proudly state that I am a Notary Public in and for the State of Florida.Robert T. Koehler
I am so proud to be a Notary Public because I have had the opportunity to be a public servant appointed to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths to help combat fraud....It is exciting to note that ‘A notarial appointment is a privilege, not a right.’Samuel F. Battle
I'm proud to be a notary because it means the public has an inherent trust in me simply because of the title I hold, and despite being a "necessary annoyance" I'm devoted to maintaining that trust and integrity to the public and my fellow notaries. This means more than just going through the motions of a notarization.
Marian E. Harmon
Some thoughts on being a Proud Notary (10+ years):
Enjoy seeing the smile on the client’s face, to hear ‘Thank you’ for the time I took to help out and possibly get a hug/handshake or two.
Michael T. Ashley
…I want to emphasize all the positive aspects of serving our communities with the proper performance of our notarial duties, delegated to us by the State authorities where we live.
Guilmo Barrio
I am proud to be a Notary Public because I see myself (as I hope all notaries would) as the gate keeper to reducing fraud in society.
Alysha P. Hopkins
South Carolina
…it is much more fulfilling for me to go to people who need the help. Sometimes it can be very sad to see the elderly people who need the extra compassion for them. A lot of these older people are trying to finalize important papers and I make it easier by going to them. I take a lot of pride in serving my country as a Notary Public.
Debra Ann Waters

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